Your Store Settings

To edit your store information:

  1. Go to Store Manager.
  2. Click on Settings
  3. From here you can customize the following information:

1. Store Name #

Your store name is a brief bit of text you can use to describe your shop.

  • Shop titles can be up to 55 characters long.
  • Many sellers make it a tagline or slogan, or they state what they sell.

Your title is one aspect of your store that you can use to influence Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

If you see a message that says your name is already in use, you’ll need to pick a new name. (Searching on SVM isn’t an effective way to see if a name is free. Your desired shop name may be unavailable because it’s in use as a username or taken by a shop that is closed or temporarily unavailable.)

2. Store Slug #

The slug is the part your store URL. for example: my store name is “pure vegetarian” and the URL is In this case the slug is “pure-vegetarian”.

Writing a good slug for your page or post can positively affect your SEO. The main SEO benefit of a slug is that you can change the words to make sure that it has the words that you really want to rank for inside the So Vegan Market website and on Google. Also, it helps to create user friendly Url’s.

3. Store Email #

Although the store email is not available to the buyer, it is essential for the administration of SVM.

4. Store logo and Store Banner #

The Store Logo is the logo of your store and is visible on your store page and on every product page.

Store Banners are the largest branding asset for your shop. This image appears when shoppers view your shop on the standard view of the website as well as on mobile devices. It can be a static Banner, a Slider or Video one (on the Enterprise Membership plan)

Store List Banner is the store banner visible at the Store List page (when you look for stores near you) and can be a static image or a video.

5. Store Description #

Please check this post about the store description.

6. Store Visibility Setup #

Here you can define the position of the store name, the number of products per page and hide or show other features as the image below show:

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