Your Store Language

The Store Language for your Costumers #

The Official Language of So Vegan Market is English, and you can also translate your products to Portuguese if you wish. You Should use English as the base language, and then translate your products and Store description to Portuguese if your target customer is either Portuguese or Brazilian. As SVM is a global website you will reach more possible buyers using both Portuguese and English instead of just English.

Your Dashboard Language #

How to setup your dashboard in English or Portuguese #

First, you should make sure the Language of the website (that controls your dashboard) is set to your Language before beginning your store setup. You will find the Language Menu on the top menu and on the footer, on You will now have access to your dashboard in the language you chose.

Setting up your Storefront Page #

As the storefront will be available to the buyers, it should be written, at least, in English. If you wish to set up your Store in English only, just go to your store dashboard> Settings> Store and fill all the details in English. If you wish to use Portuguese we recommend you add a Store description in Portuguese after an English description.


ING: Our store grew out of our passion for veganism. Our products are handmade in a family business environment.

PT/BR: A nossa loja surgiu da nossa paixão pelo veganismo. Os nossos produtos são todos feitos à mão num ambiente de negócio familiar.

For more information you should read this article about the translation of products.

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