Withdrawal – how to receive your SVM payment

Vendors, upon receiving an order, can check the listing on the order tabs, and from here vendor can check which orders are still unpaid.

The vendors can manually claim withdrawal by clicking on the “Withdrawal” button from Payments section. You will find it on Vendor Dashboard >> Payments

Upon clicking the withdrawal button, the vendor can submit a request to avail their earnings by selecting their order.

How is the Withdrawal processed #

Once the request is submitted, So Vegan Market gets the notification of the request and will be able to process the payments. The withdrawal requests are not auto-approved, meaning SVM needs to approve them first. This may take up to 1 business day. Payments are processed daily for your convenience.

You may only ask for a Withdrawal when the order status of your orders are marked as “completed”.

You also need to have a minimum Withdraw Limit of 20€ (or $20) to request payment.

We ask for a Withdraw Threshold of 30 days. 30 days is the average time an order takes to arrive and to buyers ask for a refund or return. So you always receive payment for the previous month.

Taxes are already in the product price and commissions do not have to pay more taxes.

Fees and Taxes #

Please read this article about taxes and fees collected with your payments: What are the fees and taxes to sell on SVM

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