Why write articles?

On the Small Business and Enterprise Memberships you have the opportunity of using a very powerful tool: articles!!

Also known as Content marketing, is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can employ, and the benefits are overwhelming—you’ll see higher traffic, higher customer retention and growth in other marketing areas like SEO.

This is such a great opportunity to share with the SVM community, and especially with your potential buyers, all the knowledge about your vegan products! Here you can write long and in deep articles that will be displayed on the SVM blog! Under your name! How cool is that?

To write an article:

The Article Settings: #

You have to fill the article title, short description, the long description, an article image and some tags, if applicable.

The title must be very clear and with the right Keywords. The short description should be a resume, the description should be the body of the article, the image should reflect the article topic and the tags too.

Read this post about SEO to understand better how to use the Keywords.

Important Warning #

We do not accept pure and direct advertising to your store, services or products inside or outside of So Vegan Market. Social media share and contact information (telephone, address, email) share is also forbidden. Articles ARE NOT a way to publicize your goods! Articles should be used to share knowledge and valid and useful information with the So Vegan Market community. A link to your store profile will be available with your name on the article, which can help tremendously your sales, no other links allowed. You can, whatsoever, state that your store offers products/services related to the article you wrote.

Also, you should NEVER copy-paste the text from somewhere else! All articles should be original (trust us, we can spot if they are original or not). And should never write about topics you are not familiar with! (just use your common sense)

Here are some examples of good and bad article’s approach:

Topic you want to exploreGood ApproachBad Approach
Vegan Chocolate (imagine your store offers this product)Is Chocolate Vegan? (explore the theme further on the article. Why, why not, what makes a chocolate vegan, etc)Buy Vegan Chocolate on my store!
Vegan community Why Vegans are rising! (pointing the positive changes vegans are accomplishing) Non Vegans are losing against vegans! (can be considered hate speech)

Prohibited topics #

Very similar to the items we prohibit on SVM:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, and medical drugs
  • Spell Casting and tarot services
  • Animal products and human remains
  • Articles about Dangerous items, including hazardous materials, recalled items, and weapons
  • Hate speech, including articles that promote, support, or glorify hatred against anyone. For example: against non vegans.
  • Articles Illegal items, items promoting illegal activity, and highly regulated items
  • Pornography and mature topics
  • Violent speech, including articles that promote, support, or glorify violence against anyone. For example: against non vegans.
  • Politic topics of any kind
  • Explicit/violent topics are not recommended (and can be taken down) like slaughterhouses and animal abuse related topics.
  • Advertising of any kind, including your store and products, but also vegan institutions, vegan activism, vegan events, etc.

If you want to write about a topic but are not sure if goes against our policy, send as an email about it to info@soveganmarket.com. We will be happy to help!

If you violate our articles policy your article will be deleted and you will be warned. Your account can be banned if you violate the policy again.

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