Using attributes when listing a product

Using attributes on your listings provide you with distinct and organized characteristics to better describe your items. Attributes also help buyers find your items more easily in search results.

Listing an item with categories and attributes #

You’ll first have to choose the kind of item you’re listing (simple, variable, bookable) and its categories. You’ll then see the option to add attributes. General attributes available for most listings are colors and sizes. You can edit those too.

Using attributes #

To update the attributes of your items, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Store Manager > Products.
  2. Select a Product.
  3. Choose the attributes for that listing in the bottom section.
  4. Click Submit when finished.

You may associate any number of attributes and it’s terms with a product.

You are also allowed to add new term for an attribute from here.

Attributes and So Vegan Market search #

Attributes are separate from item tags but work with them. Together they’ll provide buyers with the relevant and important information they’re looking for when shopping on SVM.

Item features like color, size, and even holiday will be easily found and will appear in additional, relevant, and specific searches. Like keywords in item titles and tags, attributes do factor into where items are placed in search results.

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