The Review System

Buyers use the review system to review their purchase, but also to help them choose the products to buy. Only the buyers who actually already purchased anything can place a review. There are two kinds of reviews: product review and store review.

Store Review #

Buyers may add store reviews from any store page -> reviews, and may give ratings for all review categories separately and also add a description as well.

Overall rating and all categories average rating details visible under store reviews tab.

The Review Categories available for buyers, at the Store Page, are: Quality, Delivery and Support.

Product Review #

On individual products page the review system in more simple: just a comment and the star rate from 1 to 5.

Product reviews will automatically be considered as store reviews, to help boost the store reviews rate. For example: a buyer gives a 5-star review to a handmade vegan soap on the “Vegan Soap” Store, with the comment “soft and so aromatic, this soap is wonderful”. This comment will also be added to the Store’s Review and all the categories will show with 5 star – quality, delivery, and support.

Report a Review #

If you feel a review is not in compliance with your Store Policies and with SVM policies, you can report the review to us. You can report a review until 100 days after the estimated delivery date of that item.

After you report a review #

After you report a review, SVM’s team will investigate the review and evaluate it based on our policies. This investigation is handled privately. You won’t receive a personal response to your report.

In some cases, SVM’s investigation reveals that a review is in compliance with SVM’s policies. In cases like these, no action will be taken.

In other cases, So Vegan Market will take appropriate action to remedy any issues with the review.

Will the reviewer know that I reported their review?

No, reporting reviews is a confidential process. The reviewer won’t know who reported their review.

Can I report a review more than once?

No, you don’t need to flag a review multiple times.

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