The listing Categories for sellers

When listing an item, you choose what category it falls under. Buyers can sort by these categories when searching for an item.

Your goal as a seller is to:

  • Describe your item as accurately as possible. 
  • Be straightforward and base your category on what the item is. For example:
    • Is it a dress?
    • Is it groceries?
    • Is it vegan pet food?

You can check all SVM Categories on the header menu, under the Shop By Category option.

How categories are organized #

The categories are organized as much as possible by what an item is, as opposed to what it’s for or what it’s made of.

How this works for buyers #

On the seller side, we try to get as specific as possible about what an item is. On the buyer side, we don’t want buyers to have to narrow down to extremely specific subcategories with very few items in them, so we limited the categories as much as possible. In a case where buyers might look in more than one category for an item, we’ll show it anywhere it is relevant. When you list an item and choose a category, we will show you all of the categories where we’re showing it to buyers.

Search results #

Categories mostly affect how users narrow down their search rather than the Search results themselves. 

Keep in mind that the category you choose for your item is only part of where buyers will see it when exploring SVM. Your item’s optimization and tags are also very important.

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