Store Verification

Vendor Verification creates a bridge of trust between your customers and your store. Verified vendors can enjoy a whopping consumer base as they have earned a badge of trust from the site admin.

Sellers will have the Verification section under their profile Manager section. Verification have 2 steps:

  • Identity Proof verification
  • Address Verification

You must send the verification to SVM administration by selecting Prompt Verify after filling the verification section. So Vegan Market may Approve or Reject a vendor verification request; if verification is rejected then the vendor may re-verify again.

Approved sellers will have the status updated on their profile page along with a message notification. Also,a verified seller badge will be displayed along with the vendor name on the marketplace.

Documents necessary to verify Account #

Vendors need to prove that they are trying to sell genuine and legal vegan products. SVM needs some documents to secure that. You do not need to send all documents asked, just the ones that applies to your case.

If you have a Registered Business/ Brand #

  • Business Social media- the one with more interactions.
  • Business Website- if any.
  • Business registration or other- document that verifies you as the legal representative of the brand. Must be visible your name, the brand’s name, and the address associated with the Brand.
  • Personal ID- to match the Business registration document.
  • For Portuguse businesses – registo de actividade junto das Finanças.

If you are an Individual #

  • Personal ID
  • Utility Bill- with your name and address (you can blur the rest).
  • Business Social Media- the one with more interactions.
  • Business Website- if any.

What happens if my Verification gets denied #

If you fail to prove the ownership of your brand or business, or prove your identity or address you may send your documents again.

So Vegan Market reserves the right to deny the Verification and even close any account that is not able to prove that their business, or the specific products they try to sell, are entirely vegan and cruelty free.

Not Verified accounts have a limit of only 2 listing Products! Verification is fundamental if you wish to sell on SVM

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