Store Badges

Store badges exist to gain the buyer’s trust and to inform buyers about some features available in a specific Store. Each Store is under a specific membership plan, and consequently, it has certain features associated with the store. The Badges help buyers to identify quickly some of those features.

The Store Badges available are:

Free membership: no badges available.

Starter Membership: Starter, Recommended, and Chat available. (the recommended badge has the intention of encouraging sales on this membership plan).

Small Business Membership: Social, Small Business, Fast Growing, coupons and chat available.

Enterprise: Store with Staff, Social, Fast Growing, Delivery available, Coupons, Chat available and Big store.

Badges will be visible everywhere in the store with the vendor name. So If you, as a vendor subscribes to the membership level corresponding to certain badges, then you will have those badges on your profile. Simple and easy.

Here is an example of a store frontpage with the badges available Below the Store Name, the star reviews and store address. This Store is on a Enterprise Membership Plan.

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