Staff Management

With this feature you can assign staff to your store. Perfect for big stores with different sections (sales, marketing, etc) or just family stores with some members with different tasks.

Adding a Person to Staff feature #

  • Go to and click on my account
  • Click on the Store Manager tab
  • On the dashboard choose the Staff tab on the left.
  • Press the Add New icon on top right

Fill the username (for your reference), email, and name. You can also configure the capabilities for that staff person (recommended), there is a large number of options to set up here:

  • Products- manage, edit, delete, etc
  • Product types- from simple to variable, booking, virtual, etc. What product types can the staff use
  • Panels- Inventory, shipping, etc. Which panels can the staff access
  • Sections- Which sections of a product editing can the staff access
  • Insights- attributes, quick edit, bulk edit, etc
  • Fields- SKU, price, description… choose the fields staff can access
  • Setting- enable/disable store settings for staff
  • Profile- from address to membership, which fields can the staff access
  • Chat module- enable/disable the chat for staff
  • Marketplace Withdrawal- define if staff can access the withdrawal, warranty, articles, coupons and bookings options for your store
  • Subscriptions- define if staff can access the orders, PDF invoice, customers, reports, delivery, shipping tracking, inquiry, support ticket, notice, notification, and analytics sections.

After filling in all the data, the requested person will receive a confirmation email with his account details.

This feature is only available on the Enterprise Membership Plan.

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