Resolve a Dispute with a Buyer

If a buyer has a problem with an order from your store, they may report a problem to you. Buyers may report problems in two ways:

  1. The buyer reports a problem to you through Messages.
  2. The buyer opens a case.

Buyers who have opened a case may escalate the case to us if the problem is unresolved within three days of opening the case. It’s best to resolve the problem with the buyer before they escalate a case, but if you need SVMs assistance, we’re here to help.

How to prepare your store

Here are some ways to prepare your store for a dispute:

  • Fill out your store policies. Your store policies help set expectations with the buyer and may protect you if a buyer has a problem with an order from your shop.
  • Regularly respond to Messages from your buyers. Prompt responses can prevent problems from escalating.
  • Ship your orders within your processing times
  • Make sure that your items and orders match how you describe them

Be sure that the policies you state are in line with SVM’s policies. In a case, SVM’s policies take precedence over a store’s policies. 

What to do when a buyer reports a problem #

When a buyer reports a problem to you, they’ll send you a message. Work with the buyer through Messages to find a solution that works for you both.

A buyer wants a refund or return

If the buyer requests something that is in line with your store policies or your warranty, we recommend agreeing to their request. For example: Your store policies state that you offer refunds and the buyer requests a refund.

If the buyer requests something that isn’t in line with your store policies, work with them to agree on a solution.

A buyer emailed you about a problem

If the buyer reaches out to you outside of, direct them to use Messages. This keeps everything in one place, and will help SVM Support assist if the case is escalated.

What to do when a buyer opens a case #

If you and the buyer can’t resolve the problem through Messages, the buyer may open a case. A case is a formal report of a problem.

As a seller, you must work with the buyer to resolve the case. If you and the buyer aren’t able to resolve the case together within three days, the buyer can escalate the case to SVM Support.

What can a buyer open a case for?

Buyers can report a problem to you for any issues with an order. However, they can only open a case for these reasons:

  • A non-delivery case: the order didn’t arrive
  • A not-as-described case: the item(s) the buyer received weren’t what was described in their SVM listing(s)

How to resolve a case #

After a case is officially opened, work with the buyer through Cases in your store Manager:

  1. On, click the Your Account icon.
  2. Click the store Manager.
  3. Click Support.
  4. Select the applicable case, bu clicking on the ticket number or on the reply option
  5. Use the Message box to communicate with the buyer. You can also attach files to match your answer
  6. You can choose the priority and the status of the support ticket (you may close it if its resolved)

Use the Support page for all comments and information relating to your case, including proof of shipping or refund. You can upload screenshots or photos directly to the support ticket by clicking the Attach File link under the text box.

Proof of shipping

You may be required to show proof of shipping.

Proof of shipping should show that the item was shipped to the address given by the buyer when they purchased the item. Proof of shipping could be:

  • A scanned copy of the delivery confirmation or departure information
  • A shipping service receipt
  • A customs form
  • A tracking number and/or tracking information that shows the package was delivered to the buyer

When a case is closed #

A case will close automatically if:

  • You issue the buyer a full refund
  • The buyer closes the case if they are satisfied with the resolution
  • You add tracking information to the case that confirms the package was delivered to a location matching the SVM transaction receipt (for cases of non-delivery only)

If a case isn’t resolved, buyers can escalate the case to SVM Support for review. So Vegan Market reserves the right to escalate a case early for circumstances such as seller inactivity, harassment, refusal of service, case manipulation, and undermining the integrity of the case system.

In the unlikely event that a case remains unresolved for more than 365 days, it is considered to be a late delivery, and the only acceptable resolution is a full refund. 

When SVM Support can mediate a case #

If a case hasn’t been resolved in three days and the buyer escalates the case, SVM Support can intervene and assist with a resolution.

When necessary to resolve a case, SVM reserves the right to issue a refund to the buyer and recoup funds from your account.

SVM may reopen a previously closed case to further investigate tracking issues or other aspects of the dispute.

My account was suspended #

If you don’t participate in a case against your store, your account may be suspended.

Both SVM and buyers rely on sellers to provide excellent customer service. Unresolved cases can indicate to buyers that you’re away from your store, cannot fulfill orders, have not sent an order, or have sent an order that doesn’t match the listing description.  

To unsuspend your account, you need to provide the information requested by SVM and help resolve your case. Once your case is resolved, your account privileges won’t be automatically restored. Click Contact support at to request reinstatement. 

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