Open a So Vegan Market Shop

Before you create your shop, register as a vendor. You’ll use this account to run your shop and to buy from other shops on SVM.

After creating your vendor account, a quick setup wizard will help you to configure the basic settings.

 To open your So Vegan Market shop #

  1. Go to Seller Page at the top right of
  2. Click Store Manager.
  3. Your Shop Dashboard will open. From here you can manage everything associated with your shop and profile.

You need to complete the first step of opening your shop on a desktop web browser.

Quick setup wizard #

The Setup Wizard helps you to create your account by letting you fill the necessary data in a simpler way. Please keep in mind that you can change this data later as the setup wizard gives you the option to skip some steps and go through the details later.

The first thing to do is to upload your Store Logo and your Store Banner (Header image of your shop), your shop name, Store email, Store phone and Store address. Your store email and phone will not be shared with buyers, but are required to open your store and will be used by the SVM administration for communication, specially your email address. So please be sure this information is correct.

After filling your store address, find it on Google Maps by searching the address on the “find location” tab.

A description of your shop is also important so your clients know more about your business and your products. Be concise. Here is an example of a good and short shop description:

“Vegan veggies” is a small family business, created in 2015 in the United States, Alabama. In our So Vegan Market store, you can find some of our most requested bundle boxes. Our Fruit and Veggie bundles are 100% organic, planted and harvested with love and care. Fresh and biologic, you will not find more tasty and delicious fruit and veggies! We offer free door-to-door delivery within a radius of 30 kilometers. You are also welcome to collect your order directly in our store in Alabama.

Next, there’s your payment setup. Choose the withdrawal payment method you wish to be used to receive your commission payout. Vendors are allowed to withdraw their commission via these payment options: PayPal, Stripe or Bank Transfer.

Next on the Setup Wizard, you will be asked to fill the Store Policy, namely the Shipping Policy, Refund Policy, and Cancellation/ Return/ Exchange Policy of your store. Here you can describe any specific policies about your store. If you offer free shipping to a specific country or a fixed shipping rate you should describe it here. Depending on the type of product you sell you should also explain in what circumstances you accept returns, cancellations or exchanges.

Please visit our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages to guide you on this step.

Last Step is the SEO setup. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to help Google (and other search Engines) to find and rank your store. This way your clients can find your store not only inside SVM but also on Google search! “Seo Title” is shown as the title of your store page. ” Meta description” is often shown as the black text under the title in a search result. For this to work has to contain the keyword that was searched for and should be less then 156 characters. So use them wisely. Create a short sentence that includes one or two keywords that better describes your shop/products.

Finally you have the meta Keywords. They do not play the rule they used to have on SEO, but still can help on ranking your store. Insert here some comma separated keywords that better identify your products and store. Here are some examples of keywords for a store that offer organic fruit: “organic fruit”, “find organic fruit near me”, “buy organic fruit”, “buy vegan fruit”, “vegan fruit”, and so on.

More about how to choose your shop name #

Choose a memorable name that reflects your business, values and products. Shop names must meet the following requirements:

  • Ideally between 4-20 characters in length 
  • No profanity 
  • Not already in use by an existing SVM member 
  • Does not infringe on another’s trademark

Stock your shop #

After the setup wizard you are finally ready to add product listings to your shop —you’re almost ready for your big shop debut. Just go to your Store Dashboard and start creating your product listings. Find the Vendor Dashboard > Store Manager options on the Header Menu of SVM, open your store dashboard and select “create new” on the “product” tab.

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