Manage your store photos and banners

There are several images you can add to your shop to customize it. These include your Store Invoice digital signature, Store Banner, Store logo, and Store Owner Photo.

Learn more about size requirements for images in your SVM shop.

Digital Signature for Store Invoice #

Your digital signature appears at the top of your order receipts. It does not appear directly on your store front.

To manage your Order Receipt Banner:

  1. On, click Store Manager.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Store Invoice.
  4. Click on Digital Signature to add a photo

Store Banners #

Store Banners are the largest branding asset for your shop. This image appears when shoppers view your shop on the standard view of the website as well as on mobile devices. All sellers have the option, but Enterprise members can edit the store banners also with videos and sliders.

To manage your store banners:

  1. Go to Store Manager.
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Choose the Store tab.
  4. On the Store Brand Setup section, customize the Store Banner and Mobile Banner and the Store List Banner. (know more about store banners here)
  5. Click Save.

Store Logo #

After your store banner, your store logo will be the most prominent branding on your shop homepage. You will find your store logo in the same page as your store banners.

A good store logo should: 

  • Reflect your shop’s personality 
  • Look good both big and small 
  • Use simple graphics or illustrations 
  • Keep any text short and easy to read 
  • Avoid long words or busy backgrounds

Store Owner Photo #

Your profile photo appears as your Shop Owner image on your public shop homepage.

To upload a profile photo:

  1. On, click Store Manager.
  2. On the top right there is an icon that redirects to your profile.
  3. On your Profile Manager you can edit the information about you as a seller, including your avatar/photo.
  4. Click on the avatar to upload a picture.
  5. In the end, click Save.

A good profile photo should:

  • Be a photo of yourself, such as a close-up or a headshot 
  • Use bright or natural lighting 
  • Avoid distant, unclear images
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