Customers will always have questions about your product. A buyer may want to ask a few more things for their specific needs and want to communicate directly with that product seller. SVM has the inquiries feature for that. Inquiries are more user-friendly than other support options. There is a “Need help? Send me an inquiry.” button on each store product, and an Inquiry button on the Store Page.

Logged in and logged out both customers can ask queries from here, no restriction, but visitors have to fill the name and email to be able to send an inquiry.

Whenever an inquiry is posted, a notification will be sent to the vendors by:

  • Email notification
  • Direct message
  • Inquiry message

Under the “Inquiries” tab, on each product page, customers can also have previously asked queries and vendor/admin replies. This feature will release you from having lots of inquiries that may have already been answered.

Check New Inquiries #

To check a new inquiry go to:

  • Store Manager Dasdboard
  • Check the top Right of your dashboard. If you have new inquirires, you will have a notification.

Reply to Inquiries #

Click on the Inquiry on the Top Right of your Store Manager Dashboard. This will open the Inquiries. You can filter the inquiries per date, per product or you can search for a specific query by searching on the search box. You can reply or delete any inquiry.

Open the inquiry you wish to reply to. Introduce your reply on the message field, attach any file you may want to and press the send button.

Post Inquiries on Product pages #

If you wish to share your inquiries with other customers, just select “Stick at product page” when replying to a query.

The inquiry will be visible on that specific product page on his specific tab.

The costumer who sent the query will receive and email when a reply is sent.

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