How VAT is collected on SVM

Am I required to charge VAT on my physical items? #

For information on VAT requirements in your location, please consult your local tax authority or a licensed professional.

If you are a VAT registered seller, you may be required to charge VAT on the items that you sell on the SVM platform.

For sellers in the EU #

For EU countries, the applicable VAT rate depends on two things:

  • the nature of what is for sale and 
  • the country in which the supply of goods and services is taxable with VAT

When supplying goods and services in the EU, the applicable VAT rates can be checked on the European Commission’s website. If you are required to charge VAT on the items you sell, it is your responsibility to include applicable VAT in your listing prices on So Vegan Market.

Am I required to charge VAT on my digital items? #

If you sell digital items to buyers in certain countries SVM is required to charge VAT no matter where your shop is located. If you sell an item to a buyer in a country where SVM isn’t required to charge VAT on digital items, you may be responsible to collect it. We recommend that you speak with a professional about the tax laws in your location because SVM cant provide TAX advices.

How Buyers are Informed of Potential Taxes and Duties #

Pleas check this article.

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