How to optimize your Shop for Search

Most shoppers will find your products on the search bar. So it’s very important that your listings are optimized and relevant. When someone searches for an item on, SVM’s search algorithm looks for the most relevant matches. You control the most important factors in SVM search placement when you create listings in your shop. 

To optimize for SVM search, you can improve key factors for your listings. The top factors that determine which items appear in SVM search and the order in which they’re displayed in a shopper’s search results are:

  • Tag and title relevancy
  • Listing quality
  • Customer & market experience
  • Short Description
  • Category

Tag and title relevancy #

Every listing has a title. It’s the text that appears below the listing image on the listing page, in your shop, and in search results. Use your title to tell shoppers what your item is in a few words.

A tag is a word or short phrase that describes your item. SVM matches listing tags with shoppers’ searches to find relevant results. A single tag can be a short descriptive phrase (for example: “vegan T-shirt”). Learn more about tags.

Tips for optimizing titles and tags:

  • Use as many tags as you want to, as long as they are highly relevant (otherwise can work against you)
  • Exact phrase matches are stronger than matches on individual words. For example, a search for “chocolate bar” would return all items with the words “chocolate” and “bar” in the tags or title, but items with the exact search phrase “chocolate bar” in the title would be considered a closer match.
  • If a word or phrase in a buyer’s search appears in both the title and tags of a listing, the search algorithm considers that listing more relevant than a listing with that word or phrase in the tags or title alone.
  • Words at the beginning of titles are considered more important than words at the end.

To add or update your titles:

  1. On, go to footer and click the Store Manager link.
  2. On your shop dashboard click on Products and choose to ad new or just click on Products to open the dashboard that list all your products. Click on the product you wish to update.
  3. You will find the title below the Type of Product option and the tags on the right sidebar below the categories option.
  4. Make your changes. You can save as draft, view before saving or save the listing.

Listing quality #

SVM’s search algorithm also considers how well individual items tend to do in search based on how likely customers are to interact with a listing or buy a product. We call this “listing quality.” 

Listing quality is impacted by things like the product thumbnail photo, clear titles, and how shoppers interact with a listing. If a shopper clicks, favorites, or purchases an item after they’ve seen it in search results, that action contributes to the listing’s quality score.

If you just opened your shop, your  listings will have a neutral quality score, which has no impact on placement.

Tips to optimize listing quality:

  • List your items with clear item photographs that invite a closer look.
  • Make sure titles are easy to read and clearly describe your product. 
  • Encourage shopper interaction by experimenting with different tags, updating product photos, and posting your listings and shop on social media. 

Customer & market experience on SVM #

We want buyers to have a great experience when they purchase from a seller on SVM. Here are some tips to optimize customer experience:

  • Complete your shipping profiles to represent processing times to your buyers accurately. Be sure to mark orders as shipped to help buyers know when to expect their items.
  • Make sure your Shop Description is perfect.
  • Fill out your shop policies to give buyers helpful information about your shop.
  • Take steps to communicate with past buyers and swiftly resolve open cases.

Short Description #

The listing Short description is very important for SVM’s search algorithm. Unlike the Description itself, SVM use only the short description to help buyers find the product they are looking for. Here are some tips to optimize your short description:

  • Use the most accurate, useful and relevant keywords for your listing.
  • Use short and objective sentences. You can, afterwards, develop them on the description box.
  • Make the short description…short. Remember that despite wanting to please SVM’s algorithm it is the clients that are reading your description. Too long and buyers will not read it.

Category #

Make sure you choose the right category for your product in order to guarantee that buyers find your product. You can find out more about SVM categories here.

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