How to Help a Buyer With a Return

Here are a few approaches you can take if you and a buyer agree with a return.

Then, decide how to handle purchasing the return shipping label. You can also purchase the label from the shipping service you prefer, or the buyer can purchase the shipping label.

To coordinate a return:

  1. Purchase return postage (assuming its the vendor that purchase the shipping label) on the website of your preferred carrier using your address as the destination and the buyer’s address as the origin.
  2. Download the label as a PDF.
  3. Email the PDF label to the buyer, or send it as an attachment in a message on SVM. Your buyer can then print the label and use it on their package.
  4. Wait for the package to be returned. 
  5. Refund the order. You can also issue a partial refund to recoup return shipping costs, depending on who agreed to pay for return shipping.
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