How to download and Import Products

Download your products information #

To download your listing information you need to go to:

  • Export: choose the Products Export Option

You will now have a couple of options to export your products on SVM. The export tool allows you to generate and download a CSV file containing a list of all products. You can choose which columns to export (from the product ID, type, name, description, etc) and which products to export. Check the Export custom meta option to also export the metadata available. In the end click on Generate CSV.

The CSV format can be imported into most spreadsheet applications, including Excel, Numbers, and Google Spreadsheets.

You can also download your monthly statements and sold order history as CSV files.

How to Import Products to your Store #

To import products you need to go to:

  • Your Store dashboard on So Vegan Market
  • Open the Products tab
  • On the Right upper corner you will find the Import and Export tools
  • Choose the Import Option

This will open a new page. This tool allows you to import (or merge) product data to your store from a CSV file. You must choose a CSV file from your Computer. You may choose if you want to update existing products. You also have some advanced options where you can alternatively, enter the path to a CSV file on your server.

Next you will be asked to Select fields from your CSV file to map against products fields, or to ignore during import. This includes a extensive list of detailed options to import. In the end, click on the Import button.

When the importing is complete you will see a big checkmark saying the Import is complete and how many products were imported. You can now select View Products to confirm.

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