How to Complete Orders if Your Shop is Suspended or Closed

If your shop is closed or suspended, SVM expects you to resolve any open orders. Depending on the situation your shop is in, you must either issue buyers a full refund or fulfill your orders.

When to issue a full refund #

If you have outstanding sales for an item that violates SVM’s Prohibited Items Policy, these orders should be refunded. Do not fulfill orders for prohibited items. You can also refund your orders if your shop is closed or suspended for another reason. 

Before refunding an order, send a message to the buyer to let him know that you can’t complete their transaction.

When to fulfill your orders #

If your shop is closed or suspended for a reason other than a violation of SVM’s Prohibited Items Policy, you can still fulfill your orders.

If you don’t fulfill open orders within the stated processing time for each order, SVM reserves the right to refund buyers on your behalf. To help prevent this, we recommend adding tracking information to orders as you mark them as shipped.

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