How to add a Product to your Shop

To list an item in your So Vegan Market shop:

  1. On, click the Your Account icon, then click Store Manager.
  2. Click Products.
  3. Click Add New.


  1. Select the product type
  2. Add your product title
  3. Choose your Currency
  4. Add your product price
  5. Add photos
  6. Add Short Description and Description
  7. Select Categories
  8. Add Tags
  9. Choose the Catalog Visibility
  10. Configure Inventory
  11. For Grouped Products: Configure Grouped Products tab
  12. For digital items: Configure Downloadable and virtual, and add files
  13. Configure Shipping
  14. Configure Attributes
  15. For Multiple Variable Products: Configure Variations
  16. Configure Linked
  17. Configure Warranties
  18. Configure Product Policies
  19. Click Draft or Submit

Before you can start listing items, you must register as a seller. Review our Seller Policy (INSERT LINK) to make sure your items fit into So Vegan Market’s categories.

1. Select the product type #

Depending on your membership plan, you may have the follow product types to choose from: Simple, Variable, Grouped and Bookable.

The Simple Product is used to list a product that doesn’t require any specific features. Like, por ex, a Vegan and cruelty-free lip balsam.

The Variable Product is used to list products with variables, like various tshirt sizes or diferent vegan bar flavours.

Grouped products are perfect for letting a customer add several similar products from a range to their cart in one go. Grouped Products lets you add similar (think materials, designs, etc.) simple products to a single parent product. This allows the customer to add products from a range, or a couple of products from within a range, to their cart on one page instead of navigating to several different pages to do so. Ideal, for ex, for a seller with a grocery shop, he can group and mix many products into one.

Bookable Products– Let your customers book reservations, appointments or rentals on their own – no phone calls required. Save yourself time and fill up your calendar by letting your store do the work for you. SVM booking feature is ideal for vegan businesses like:

  • Accommodation
  • Wellbeing appointments
  • Restaurants and Similars

Know more about bookable Products here.

2. Add your product title #

Give your item a descriptive title. What would buyers search for to find your item? Add the most searchable words at the front of your title. 

3. Choose your Currency #

You can choose the currency you wish to use on your product. To know more about currencies check this article. (…) Note: currency currently unavailable.

4. Add your product price (for simple product) #

Choose how much this item will cost buyers. This will appear in your preferred currency. Take into consideration that in So Vegan Market the taxes are already included on the price, so include them on the price. To Know more about taxes please visit this post.

5. Add photos #

To add photos to your listing, click on the photo frame to add files from your computer. Click on upload files and Choose the one you wish to upload. Repeat the steps to add another one. To add more than 2 photos lick on the plus sign below the second picture frame and add a new block. Depending on your membership plan, you have different picture limits. This limit is necessary to keep the SVM website up and running.

MembershipProduct LimitGallery limitTotal Number of uploads allowed
Free53 per product19 *
Starter155 per product79*
S. Business505 per product254*
Enterprise1005 per product504*

* We offer 4 uploads extra for each membership plan for the upload of the store logo, Icon and Banner.

Guidelines for listing photos #

We recommend uploading pictures with no more than 100 kb but your images should be at least 2000 pixels wide, but the height can vary. Don’t scale down your photos to a smaller size. Buyers like to zoom in on photos to see item details. Larger images let buyers zoom in more.

6. Add Short Description and Description #

Next, describe your item to get found in search and to help shoppers understand your listing. The description tells the shopper about the item, your process creating or finding it, and its dimensions. Make sure to include the size, materials used, how it was made, and any unique features. The short description should be concise and the description should include more details. Here is an example:

This is a print screen of the front page of a product. The short description is marked with the number 1, the long description is marked with the number 2. As you can see the short description is right next to the product image and is the first thing the buyer will see.

7. Select Categories #

Categories are already pre-defined and cannot be modified. You should choose the category your product feet in. This is very important, as buyers mostly search by category. Your product should fit on the available categories, if not please send us an email to The available categories are:

  • Accessories
    •   Handbag and wallets
    •   jewelry
    •   Other
  • Beauty and cosmetics
    •   Creams and lotions
    •   Makeup
    •   Other
    •   Perfumes and essences
    •   Soaps
  • Clothing and footwear
    •   Children Clothes
    •   Man’s Clothes
    •   Woman’s Clothes
  • Culture
    •   Books
    •   Music
  • Groceries
    •   Drinks
    •   Fresh Groceries
    •   Grocery
  • Home
    •   Art
    •   Decor
    •   Other Home
    •   Pets
  • Services
    •   Accommodation
    •   Restaurant Sector
    •   Well-being

8. Add Tags #

Titles and tags help shoppers find your item when they search. SVM recommend using between 1 to 10 tags. Some things to consider when tagging your listing:

  • Your item’s shape and size
  • What it’s used for
  • How it was made
  • Color, style, materials, content, and motifs

Think like a shopper: What words would you use to search for this item?

9. Choose the Catalog Visibility #

There is a option about the catalog visibility with 4 options to choose from:

  • Shop and search results
  • Shop only
  • Search results only
  • Hidden

Use these options to control the visibility of your product. The default option is configured to show your product on shop and search results.

10. Configure Inventory #

Inventory helps you to manage your stock. You may configure these options:

  • SKU: SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) numbers are a way for you to keep track of your inventory and quickly identify what you have in stock. They can also help you quickly locate items in your So Vegan Market shop, studio, or storage space.
  • Stock: If you opt-in “Manage stock?” you can insert the stock quantity and decide if you accept backorders for the same product when out of stock. If you don’t opt-in the “Manage Stock?” option, you can choose the default status for your product (in stock, out of stock or backorder)
  • Sold Individually- if you only allow the buyer to buy one product per order you can enable this option.

11. For Grouped Products: Configure Grouped Products tab #

Grouped products is a option where you put together in the same listing more than one product, creating a bundle or group of products. Here you can decide which products to group (the products need to be created first as simple products).

12. For digital items: Configure Downloadable and virtual, and add files #

Digital items are items that the buyer can download immediately. After ticking the downloadable box ( after selecting simple product), other options appear: Downloadable Files, Download Limit, Download Expiry. Know more about downloadable products here.

13.Configure Shipping #

The configurations are:

  • Weight – weight in grams of your package.
  • Dimensions- the size of your package.
  • Shipping class- you can choose the shipping class here, in case you have configured them previously.
  • Processing time- the time required to have the product ready for delivery.

14. Configure Attributes #

Adding attributes like color, occasion, or size will help make your items more relevant in search results on SVM. They’ll also help buyers find your items more easily. You can choose multiple options. Try to use the most relevant attributes available to you in each dropdown. Include a combination of attributes and listing tags to make sure potential buyers find and see your items.

An example:

You’re listing a vegan, lemon-colored bag. However, the color “lemon” isn’t a selectable attribute.

  • Choose the color that you think would be the closest to lemon. You can select “Yellow” as your Primary color attribute, or you can create the tag “Lemon”.
  • If you find that your unique color label is an important search term as well, you should still add “lemon bag” as a listing tag for your item.

Attributes and SVM search #

Attributes are separate from item tags but work with them. Together they’ll provide buyers with the relevant and important information they’re looking for when shopping on So Vegan Market.

Item features like color, size, and even holiday will be easily found and will appear in additional, relevant, and specific searches on SVM.

15. For Multiple Variable Products #

You can configure variations on multiple variable products. Please check this article about variations.

16. Configure Linked #

You can also select products to use as Upsells and Cross-sells. Go to the linked tab and select the products you wish to link to your listing.

If the SKU, weight, dimensions, and stock fields are not set, then it inherits values assigned to the variable product. Price fields must be set per variation.

17. Configure Warranties #

With the Warranty tabs you can:

  • Add a warranty to products
  • Sell a (paid or free) warranty as an add-on
  • Define the term/length of a warranty for each product
  • Define the cost of the warranty
  • Have multiple terms and costs for warranties on a single product
  • Give customers a way to request a warranty via form or within an order
  • Manage the warranty and return

To know more about Warranties visit this post.

18. Configure Product Policies #

Product Policies is the tab where you can overwrite the store policies if necessary. If you are listing a product that requires some extra policies or different shipping, refund, or cancellation policies you may specify on this tab. Read the store policies post to know more about policies.

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