Delivery Persons

The Delivery Persons or “Delivery Boy” is a feature available to the Smart Business and Enterprise Membership Packages.

Delivery is an essential part of So Vegan Market, especially when you are running a vegan business that involves physical or service products such as grocery items.

Fortunately SVM gives you a full-featured delivery management system for your store.

vendors can add as many delivery persons as they like for their store. To do so, they will have to Go to Store Manager Dashboard -> Delivery Persons -> Add New

From here you can assign a new delivery person by fulfilling the personal details.

You will now have a list of delivery person assigned and you can manage them efficiently.

Assigning Delivery person. #

Vendors can assign delivery persons directly from the Orders Dashboard. You will find a delivery icon in each order like this shown below:

Once you click on the “assign delivery person” icon if you will be redirected to the Order details page. From there you can assign a delivery person from your list.

Clicking on the above icon will allow you to add delivery person and relevant tracking code and url for the shipment as shown below:

Delivering Stats #

SVM provides an interface where you can check the stats of delivery operations. You will see a status column in their manage delivery person page as shown below:

You can also see the stats of individual delivery person by clicking on the respective name as shown below:

Additionally, you can also filter the stats by delivery status ( as shown below)

Delivery Person View #

SVM provides a login for Delivery Persons as well and they will be able to check their delivery list from this dashboard provided. They will be able to see delivery information such as customer details, order items and delivery address.

Upon successful delivery, the delivery person can mark the order as “delivered” from Actions column.

Additionally, delivery person can manage their profile from dashboard.

Delivery Notification #

It’s important that the buyer gets updated and notified regarding deliveries. Buyers, Sellers, and delivery persons are notified in their respective dashboards. Buyers will be able to see a notification regarding deliveries in their profile under the “order” tab.

Vendors  will get notified about all updates regarding deliveries in their respective dashboard under notification section.

Correspondingly, the delivery person will also find the assigned delivery tasks in their own dashboard as shown below:


We, on So Vegan Market, avoid gender-sensitive language, so everytime possible we use the term “delivery person” instead of “delivery boy”.
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