Customer Service Warning

If your store received a Customer Service Warning email, it means many of your buyers are unsatisfied with your store’s customer service. On SVM, stores are expected to offer reliable, solution-oriented customer service to buyers. This level of customer service helps buyers trust stores, and So Vegan Market, with their business.

We understand low reviews and cases may occur on occasion and can be a normal part of the business. But if a store has a rate of low satisfaction (2 stars or less) above 1% you will receive a Customer Service Warning email. This means that the low satisfaction rate add up to, at least 1% of the total number of reviews on your store.

After a warning #

After a store receives a Customer Service Warning email, SVM will review the shop again within 90 days. Stores that have received two warnings and continue to provide unsatisfactory customer service will be placed under review for permanent suspension. The warning you received in your current shop will apply to any new shops you create.

How to improve your ratings #

 Some of the best ways to meet customers’ expectations are by shipping on time, ensuring your listings and shop policies are accurate, and answering buyer questions quickly.

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