Beginner’s Guide to SVM Membership

So Vegan Market offers different Membership Plans to different needs. If you are just starting, have just a couple of products you wish to list with So Vegan Market you may want to choose the free or starter plan, but if you own a small business, the small business option fits your needs better. For large businesses with 50+ products to list the enterprise membership is the option for you.

What Membership is Right for me? #

There are a ton of features that differ between membership plans, offering different opportunities and advantages to everyone. To know more about the Membership features visit our SVM Membership options page. Before jumping to the features, let’s compare 3 cases:

Art by @dotsandinkpots

John – John paint vegan charisma phrases and animals as decorative art pieces. John offers 3 or 4 different material options and the buyer sends to him the vision they have for their piece. For John, the Free Membership is enough. As John doesn’t need to upload too many listings and because he takes some time between orders, he doesn’t expect more than 5 to 10 orders per month and is in agreement with the SVM commission.

Mary – Mary owns a small business that is just kicking off of vegan cheese made from cashews. She is already receiving great reviews from friends and family. She has 10 different cheese options (and rising) and expects a great number of sales. Because of this Mary believes the commission of her sales that goes to SVM could benefit from the Starter or Small Business Membership. Also, she believes that some features like offering coupons to the buyers or bundles of cheese options are very important to her success.

Robert – Robert is the CEO of a successful vegan shoe company. His business started 10 years ago and sells to everywhere around the globe. Robert sees the SVM as an excellent opportunity to expand, bring more exposure and sales to his company. Robert has more than 50 products to list and the 5% commission is very appealing. Also, because is a big company, is important to have features like the possibility to add staff to the shop, write articles, a professional video banner to his shop, and links to the company social profiles. So Robert chooses the Enterprise Membership.

Membership Features and Options #

FreeStarterSmall BusinessEnterprise
Type of Products
NoNoYesYesSocial Profiles
YesYesYesYesStore Verification
NoNoNoYesVideo and Slider Banner
YesYesYesYesShipping Tracking
———-———-20100Article limit
51550100Product limit
———-2515Featured listings Limit
19 Mb79 Mb254 Mb504 MbGallery limit
NoNoNoYesChat Option
NoYesYesYesSVM ads Program
YesNo NoNoRenovation Fees
NoNoYesYesDelivery Persons
YesYesYesYesVacation Mode
10%8%7%6%Sales Commission
Free10€20€30€Monthly Subscription

To know more about the Membership features visit our SVM Membership options page.

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