After Selling an Item

Congratulations on your sale! First time? We help you! Here are some steps you may find useful:

  • Find order details
  • How to get paid
  • Is the sold item removed from my shop?
  • How do I contact the buyer?
  • How do I ship and complete my order?
  • How buyers leave reviews of your items

Find order details #

You will find all the details on your dashboard. Find your dashboard on the Store Manager Page.

Go to and check the website footer. Click on the Store Manager link (or click here).

On the left menu you will find the “Orders” tab. Open it. At the top of this screen, you can view the standard filter and search area. A list of orders appears in order of date made:

You can:

  • Filter by status using the status links at the top (pending, processing, etc)
  • Filter by status on “Show all” dropdown
  • Filter by date
  • Search and filter by product

At the far right of each order are actions you can perform on the row:

  • Marke as complete
  • View – check here the details of your sell
  • Commission Invoice – with all the details of your sale and fees.
  • Store Invoice – invoice from SVM
  • Download Packing Slip Invoice.

How to get paid #

Commission disbursal is one of the most important features for So Vegan Market and allows this by withdrawal mode where in vendor has to request for payment so SVM can process the funds accordingly. Lern more about getting paid on SVM here and here.

Is the sold item removed from my shop? #

The Default settings on SVM for stock management is “In stock”, so when you create a new product if you don’t set up differently, your listing will continue on your shop. If you change the stock management quantity, the listing will not be removed from your shop. It will appear as “out of stock” when it gets to zero.

How do I contact the buyer? #

After an item is sold, it’s a good idea to contact the buyer with any important information related to the purchase or shipping updates. You can send the buyer an email directly through your seller dashboard.

  • Go to the Store Manager page
  • On the Orders tab, select the order related to the buyer you wish to contact.
  • Select the option “view details” (the one with the eye icon). You can find this option on your right, below “Actions”.
  • Scroll till the end of the details of your order.
  • You will find an option called “Order Notes”. You can use this feature to write a reminder to yourself about this order or to send a message to the buyer. You can also attach files, like a sketch and send it to the buyer. The buyer will receive it via email.

How do I ship and complete my order? #

Creating an effective strategy for fulfilling and shipping orders will help you streamline the process and save valuable time.To learn more about shipping, read the Beginners Guide to Shipping.

After you ship an order, you can mark the order as shipped:

  • Go to your store manager dashboard
  • Click on the orders tab
  • On the order you wish to mark as shipped, click on the icon
  • Insert shipment tracking code and URL and submit
  • Your order is now marked as shipped and your client will receive an email with the details you inserted.
  • Learn more about marking orders as shipped.

How buyers leave reviews of your items #

After the buyer mark your the order as received he can leave a review for a transaction from your shop. Reviews include a rating of 1 to 5 stars in various topics as well as a written message. These reviews will be publicly visible in your shop.

A buyer can only leave a review if they’re logged into their SVM account and had purchased something from your shop.

If you receive a review that you think violates SVM’s guidelines, you can report it to SVM.

Learn more about SVM’s review system.

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